Veitur are responsible for the construction and operation of wastewater in Reykjavík, Borgarnes, Akranes, Bifröst, Varmaland and Reykholt. The effluent from Kópavogur, Mosfellsbær, Seltjarnarnes and part of Garðabær are cleaned in wastewater treatment plants at Ánanaust and Klettagarðar.

In Reykjavík, Veitur operate three first-stage treatment plants where coarse material, sand and fat is purified from the wastewater before it is pumped 4-5 km out into Faxaflói where the sea is responsible for breaking down the remaining material.

In the spring of 2018 similar treatment plants were put into service in Akranes and Borgarnes. In Borgarbyggð, Veitur provides four two-step treatment plants, where along with coarse cleaning, decomposition of organic material takes place before the treated wastewater is let to a sensitive recipient .

Sewers provide vital services that no one can do without, but most don’t think about because it is such a natural part of life. Sewers move drainage from households and companies, surface water from streets and gardens and in some neighbourhoods, to the receptor, stopping at the cleaning plant. The sewage cleaning process provides nature itself the conditions to receive the effluent and dispose of it without harming the ecosystem. Every few years there are detailed receptor studies done to investigate the effect of the waste waters to nature and they show that the waste water has little or no effect on the quality of the sea.