Veitur - kona og maður spjalla - rafmagn

Veitur takes pride in the care of equality amongst our workers with the following matters in mind:

  • To equal remuneration for men and women.
  • To enable men and women to coordinate between personal and job responsibilities.
  • To even gender balance within the Reykjavík Energy and individual subsidiaries/groups/divisions/departments.
  • To promote gender culture among employees.
  • To promote education and awareness of employees about minorities issues and challenges.
  • To promote education about the importance of diversity and tolerance.
  • To work against gender-based and sexual harassment within the company.
  • To take account of equality in policy and greater decision-making.

„No problem to stay at home for example if the children are sick or on a school-break."

Iðnir & tækni

Students in "Trade and Technology".

Veitur is an active member of the Trades and Technology cooperative between OR and Árbæjarskóli, where students have the opportunity to get to know the industrial- and technology sectors in order to excite interest of both genders in such professions.

We put special emphasis on gender equality and that the percentage of student-contracts are equal between women and men.