Good working environment

  • At Veitur, the positive morale is characterized by a strong team spirit, constructive dialogue and respect in communication.
  • Emphasis is placed on staff security and a healthy working environment.
  • Equipment and staff facilities is exemplary.
  • Bullying and sexual harassment are not tolerated.
  • Employees are aided to combine the requirements of work and family responsibilities as much as possible.
Crossfit í Bræðslunni

We put great emphasis on staff welfare in a broader context:

Security: We follow the strategy to ensure all employees a safe and healthy working environment. Our goal is an accident-free workplace and that no worker is injured in their work. Safety is taken seriously at Veitur, we want everyone to return home safely.

Physical health: We support employees in fostering the body, among other things, with diverse and healthy lunch, gym subsidies, transport subsidies, facilities for physical exercise, workplace audits and annual health measurements.

Starfsfólk matstofu í eldhúsinu

Spiritual nutrition: We nourish the spirit in various ways such as with work-clothes yoga, mindfulness, training and support for personal skills.

Working environment: We create a warm and good working environment, quality work clothes and good equipment.

Job satisfaction: We are aware of the importance of job satisfaction and examine periodically whether such is the case. Bullying and harassment is of course never tolerated.