Hot tubs

Tips on hot tubs

We at Veitur oversee the operation of several district heating sectors in the popular resort villages in the south and west. Many regard the hot tub as the finishing touch when it comes to amenities in a summer house and no wonder, since the hot tub is something the whole family can use.

Hot water supplied or electric tub?

There are two choices, hot water supplied or electrically heated hot tubs. The main advantage of hot water supplied tubs beside the low operating costs, is that the water is always fresh unlike un the electric tubs where the same water is used for weeks and even months.

To be able to use the same water for such a long time it requires the use of all kinds of cleaners and disinfectants, carry out measurements on the state of water and appropriate emission must be present in the tub. The main advantage of electric tubs is that they can be used in areas where district heating is not available.

Operation costs

Attached is a rough indication of the energy costs in hot tubs. Note that if the tub is used regularly or 10 times a month or more, in most cases it should be smarter to have continuous flow in a hot water supplied tub instead of filling and emptying it each time. If the tub is in frequent use, open for long periods and many times a week, it is cheaper to operate a hot water supplied tub.

  District heating Electricity
Filled and emptied per use 120 ISK 600 ISK
Using one month 1.200 ISK (continuous flow) 5.000 ISK (circuit filter)

It is important to note that the location and isolation of the tub also affects the operating costs. It is very important that people can handle the tub safely, both in terms of the temperature of the water and always close it when not in use. It is also important to ensure that the cover is firmly attached whether it is down or not.

We provide all the necessary information on how best to install the equipment necessary to enjoy the hot water carefree. Do not hesitate to contact us  if your summer house is in our service area and you need hot water.