Performance management

  • Veitur employs qualified and motivated staff who strive to succeed.
  • Employees are assigned appropriate tasks where their strengths and initiative get to shine.
  • Employees receive regular, straightforward and constructive feedback on their performance.

Veitur’s managers are aware of the importance of supporting employees and have work statements where they declare their willingness to go by those protocols, which aim for Veitur being the "Dream work place".

Veitur’s management statement are:

Respect: We accept workers as they are and respect each person as an individual.

Information: We give employees truthful and accurate information, provide more information than is necessary and listen actively and positively to the ideas of employees.

Performance: We have clear expectations of our employees, explaining the importance of all tasks, teach them well and react if performance is lacking.

Responsibility: We show a good example by following those rules that are in force but also take the initiative to get the rules changed when appropriate.

Career: We are aware of the different needs of employees for change, are open to new knowledge and support initiatives from employees to that effect.

Spokesperson: we know what the company stands for and can explain it to employees and the community in accordance with the service priorities and correct image of the company.