Pipeline security

Safety and health issues are an integral part of Veitur Utilities’ work and every effort is made to ensure that both employees and contractors get home in one piece at the end of a job. In order to be able to start laying the pipelines the relative structures and site have to fulfil the following security requirements:

  • The part of the building where the pipelines enter must be sealed, i.e be wind and waterproof.
  • The soil at the incoming point must be of the right height. It is often considered that a roughly levelled lot should be approximately 10 cm lower than the final height.
  • No obstacles that can pose risks to the staff may be in the pipeline's path. e.g. pose the risk of falling or other injuries.
  • No work which poses a risk to the staff can be taking place, such as hoisting, work in tower wagons or work on scaffolding with a risk of falling objects.
  • No objects that might pose a risk to the staff may be positioned on the side of the pipeline path.
  • There can no machinery in use which might pose a risk to the safety of the staff.

If the aforementioned security requirements are not fulfilled in the estimation of the staff or contractors of Veitur Utilities, Veitur Utilities reserves itself the right to halt the work and leave the work site.

For each time Veitur Utilities has to abandon a work site, a returning fee shall be charged.