Service area

Our service area is primarily in the Reykjavík area but also in many parts of the south and west of the country. Our system is extensive; pipes and cables are a total of 9,000 km in length, corresponding to the distance from Reykjavík to Shanghai. Around the city and countryside there are substations, distribution centres, wells, electricity boxes, well-houses, tanks, pumping stations, valve houses and cleaning plants that we oversee.

  • In the capital area we operate district heating as well as 16 smaller providers in the south and west.
  • We run 12 water supply systems in our territory as well as sell drinking water to two municipalities, a total of more than half the population.
  • We own and operate sewers and in three municipalities and run pumping stations for four additional municipalities. In total, we serve about half the nation's sewers.

Service area map