Service fees

What are slip charges, notice- and payment charges?

  • You can lower all service charges by paying your bill electronically.
  • We collect service charges to cover the cost of printing and sending bills, or to publish them electronically.
  • Each bill that is sent via mail there is additional slip charge.
  • Each bill that is issued electronically there is additional notice and payment charge. That is much lower than the slip charge.

Pricelist of service charges can be found here.

Service charges can therefore be reduced by paying energy bills with direct payment, credit card or e-bills via online banking. 

Here you can send us a request to change your method of payment.

  • Online payment is a good choice for those who want to pay their bills via online banking and decrease their service charges. The bill appears in unpaid claims in the online bank, and is not sent via mail. The bill also appears in My Account.
  • Using a credit card to pay bills with a regular and convenient method. Service charges are lower than when a bill is sent via mail. 
  • If you choose to pay your bills with payment service, you need to contact your bank and setup a payment agreement with them and have them include your payments to us. After that, the bank will notify us and we will charge the payment accordingly.