The teams

There are great people that build and maintain the capital area’s supply system and beyond so you can always rely on access to resources. Our staff is a dedicated team of professionals who each have an important role to play.

We perform important public service and make sure that users have constant access to heatingelectricitywater and wastewater.

Veitur - stelpur bursta tennur í baðherbergi

Our employees are aware of the importance of these services and their part in making it always available.

„We produce something relevant for people."

„People do not realize the necessity of our work until something breaks."

„It is rewarding to work at something that has such obvious importance and know that what you do makes a difference every day."

Veitur - starfsmaður í brunni gefur hesti

„Exciting to not always know what awaits you in the morning."

Technological developments

The Technological development department oversees the construction and development of utility systems as well as to monitor cash flow and price lists. The department handles renewals and new construction projects are structured and managed through the preparation and implementation phase. Technological developments also handle system research on utility systems, design of utilities and data entry into a geographic information system. The Technology development department employs 30 people, engineers and technical engineers, technicians, technical illustrators and craftsmen.

Veitur - starfsmenn vinna við rör úti

„Outdoor activities strengthens a person - a good mix of out- and indoor work.“


The operation department oversees the daily tasks of utilities, planning control and preventative maintenance, monitoring failures registration, administrate buildings and land, area control and customer service due to operational issues. The operation department employs 20 people, craftsmen, engineers, technical specialists and technicians.

Veitur - stjórnstöð

Monitoring in Control Centre

Control Centre

The Control Centre is responsible for monitoring and managing utility networks and respond to disturbances or malfunctions. Also, the Control Centre supervises the maintenance of control systems and the registration, collection and processing of data from control systems The Control Centre employs 15 people, craftsmen, engineering, technical specialists and technicians.

Vinna við Hverfisgötu

The restoration at Hverfisgata.

Maintenance Services

Maintenance Service carries out regular monitoring and maintenance of Veitur’s utility networks and hardware. Maintenance workers are on standby for all utilities and respond to outages in them. Maintenance Services also carry out the implementation of various smaller renewal and maintenance activities. Maintenance service stations are five in total, in Reykjavík, Borgarnes, Akranes, Hveragerði and Stykkishólmur. Maintenance service employ over 100 people, among them are mechanics, electricians, plumbers, mechanics, engineers, technicians, technical illustrators, etc.