Water and wastewater bills

We send property owners in our service-areas bills for water and sewer. They are based on a levy established in January each year. The terms for these assessments are listed on the assessment bills, along with the number of due dates. The assessment bill can be found online in “My Account”.

Along with a fixed rate for each property, an estimate is also calculated based on the size of the property in square meters. More on calculations can be found here in our price list.

The bill is divided into 9 due dates from February through October.

Examples of bills for water and wastewater

How are assessments and bills organized regarding water- and sewer charges?

Property owners in areas where Veitur oversee water and sewer, receive an assessment bill in mid-January of each year. On that bill, which is electronic and published in My Account, shows the amount and how the charges are divided between due-dates. 

Assessment bills

Assessment bills are issued in mid-January of each year and also in My Account - our service web. Customers who are 67 years and older get their assessment bills sent via mail if they have not wished for an e-invoice. 

Due Dates

The year’s charges are collected on 9 due dates from February to October. The due date is on the 2nd day of each month or the next following work day. It is also available to request for a lump-sum payment with a due date in June.

Calculation of charges

Charges are calculated in accordance with the size of a property in square meters along with a fixed rate. Charges are updated yearly in accordance with construction cost index. For further information, see our price list.


Bills for water- and sewerage are issued in accordance with assessments and are accessible via online banking and in My Account.

Method of Payment

We offer the same methods of payment for energy as for water- and sewer charges; credit cards, online payment, bill via mail and payment service. The method of payment does not change unless you request it.

Several owners 

When there is more than one owner of a property, in most cases the person listed with the owner number 001 in Real Property Database is the one registered as the client with us. There is no problem to send us a request to change payers, but the payer must be a listed owner at Real Property Database. It can also be requested that bills are sent to owners according to division of ownership.

Ownership transfer

We update our lists according to Real Property Database status on the evening of the 3rd day of every month. We issue bills for the following due date on listed owners. If a property is registered to a new owner, information can be sent to us regarding changes that occur between the 3rd and 10th of every month, if a new owner is to receive the next bill.

Reduction in sewer charges for senior citizens and invalidity pensioners in Reykjavík. 

Reduction in sewer charges for low-income senior citizens and invalidity pensioners in Reykjavík is entirely the decision of the city council for each case and conducted through the finance office of Reykjavík. Further information can be found at www.reykjavik.is or by calling Reykjavík service centre at: 4 11 11 11.

Laws and regulations

Water and sewer charges are charged according to laws on municipal water supplies, no. 32/2004 and the Act on development and operation of sewage systems no. 9/2009. It is permitted to place a fixed fee and a fee based on the property size, a maximum of 0.5% of the market value. 

Collection of water and sewer charges

Reykjavík Energy manages the collection of water and sewer charges for Veitur. Veitur Utilities rates contain information on the cost and implementation of the collection.

Lawyers collection

When all due dates of assessment bills for water and sewer charges of one year are overdue, unpaid claims are sent for lawyers’ collection at Gjaldheimtan. Customers are advised to contact them. Their telephone number is 570-5500.  

Statutory Lien

Lien stipulated by law applies to water and sewer charges. The registered owner of a property is responsible for payments of charges according to section 8 of laws no. 9/2009 on the structure and operation of sewers.