This is what we’re like

We are aware of the importance of our staff feeling satisfied at work. For this reason job satisfaction is one of our key yardsticks.

Socially important projects

"Here I get the opportunity to continue developing as an engineer and it’s exciting to discover methods and shape work procedures to tackle problems. It’s exciting to find something that is invisible! These are subterranean things that cannot be easily reached and innovative methods are needed to apply solutions to evaluate, gather material from different sources and analyse how it is behaving. I also think it’s incredibly exciting to be part of a team that is working towards common objectives and this socially important project. There are so few people who know we exist, but we have such a major impact on everyone’s lives."

Margrét María Leifsdóttir, M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and engineer in wastewater system situation analysis 

Margrét María Leifsdóttir

Always learning something new

"Most of my jobs revolve around the installation of meters and district heating frames in houses, both in new buildings and those that are being reconnected. I must have connected most houses in the capital area over the past decades and probably changed thousands. I like being here at Veitur Utilities. I have fun and lively colleagues here and all the facilities are great. No matter what I need at work – it’s never a problem. It’s fun to use new and proper equipment to facilitate our work and I’m always learning something new and take most of the courses that relate to my field of work."

Pálmi Gunnarsson, journeyman's certificate in plumbing and plumber at Construction

Pálmi Gunnarsson

Every day is an unwritten page

"When I started working at Veitur Utilities, a new world opened up to me, even though I already had experience in the energy sector. I started as a project manager in the Project Division and got to take on some incredibly exciting projects there, everything from the project management of resetting pipelines on a small street to managing drilling in water protected areas. Then I took over as team leader in Project Management and now I head Technical Development. There’s an incredible variety of projects here and fun and varied colleagues. Every day is an unwritten page and I get an opportunity to learn something new."

Inga Lind Valsdóttir, M.Sc. in Civil and Environmental Engineering and Head of Technical development

Inga Lind Valsdóttir

Participating in developing the future

"For me the most exciting thing is to think outside the box. My role is to make sure engines and equipment are working, ensure their development and to think further than the next day, like the next 30 years for example! There’s a great working atmosphere here and the projects are challenging, fun and exciting. I get to put ideas into practice, to shake the box and it’s wonderful to be a part of the future – to get an opportunity to participate in the future development of the administrative system.

Today the most exciting thing is to think outside the box, being able to explore technical solutions for interesting projects, fun to tackle such a big system –  varied system – to be given a shot at different things –  a lot of old things that can be improved – especially for young engineers. Great fun to be part of the future – great opportunities – young people get a chance to participate in the future development of the administrative system."

Hendrik Tómasson, M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and  Smart System Development Manager

Hendrik Tómasson

Social life

Veitur has a diverse social life. Our employees belong to a large employee union with OR, called STOR.

Vélhjólaklúbbinn MótOR

Motorcycle club MótOR

STOR oversees various clubs:

  • Motorcycle club MótOR
  • Football Club ORkuboltinn
  • Golf club SKOR
  • Textile club SPOR
  • X-fit group ON or OFF
  • Runners group Hringur


Examples of STOR’s annual events:

  • A family trip to Þórsmörk
  • Annual Celebration
  • Easter bingo
  • Family brunch
  • The song contest Energy Vision
  • Christmas bingo, wreath making, Christmas buffet, Christmas tree trip and dance

STOR operates numerous summer houses across the country. STOR members also have the option to rent the Community centre in Elliðaárdalur for a reasonable fee.


A family trip to Þórsmörk

Veitur has an entertainment committee that organizes events for employees of e.g.:

  • Þorrablót
  • Photo competition
  • „Cycle to Work"
  • The annual meeting; a day out of town with joy, fun and good food
  • Also, each unit organizes 1-2 events a year where the closest colleagues meet and have a good time